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Ringo and The Beatles - 1969 "All you need is LOVE ... that is ALL you need."
January 17, 1969

     The "Yellow Submarine" album is released exactly 6 months after the movie premiers. This is the second release of the Beatle hit with Ringo's vocals. Side A was the Beatles and Side B was the film score, composed and orchestrated by George Martin, produced by George Martin. The original recording of the film score was taped at Olympic Sound Studios.

January 22, 1969

     The Get Back sessions begin at Apple Studios, which are to be produced as live tracks with live mistakes.

January 30, 1969

     The Beatles make their last-ever public appearance as a group, performing on the roof of Apple Studios in London. It was a cold, windy winter lunchtime concert that lasted 42 minutes. Ringo borrowed his wife's red mac, and John borrowed Yoko's fur wrap. Alan Parsons was the tape operator of the 8-track recording session. The concert was filmed, as well as other recording sessions, for release in the documentary movie Let It Be.

April 11, 1969

     The single Get Back with Don't Let Me Down is released.

April 26, 1969

     Ringo's song Octopus's Garden is recorded for the Abbey Road album. George Martin was not present for the session, however he counselled his substitute producer-for-the-day, Chris Thomas, "There will be one Beatle there, fine. Two Beatles, great. Three Beatles, fantastic. But the

minute the four of them are there, that is when the inexplicable charismatic thing happens, the special magic no one has been able to explain. It will be very friendly between you and them but you'll be aware of this inexplicable presence."

September 26, 1969

     The Beatles release their last album made together as a group, "Abbey Road". Originally it was to be titled "Everest", named after a brand of cigarettes that engineer, Geoff Emerick smoked. The idea was to take a photograph of the group at the foothills of Mt. Everest for the cover. But closer to the completion of the album someone suggested, 'Look, I can't be bothered to schlep all the way over to the Himalayas for a cover, why don't we just go outside, take the photo there, call the LP Abbey Road and have done with it?'

Ringo Starr Studio

Yellow Submarine
Yellow Submarine

Abbey Road
Abbey Road