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Ringo and The Beatles - 1966 "All you need is LOVE ... that is ALL you need."
April 6, 1966

     It was the first session of a new direction in Beatle's recording techniques. A young engineer of 20 years, Geoff Emerick, was promoted to replace Norman Smith, who went on to work with Pink Floyd. New technologies were introduced for vocal effects, the bass guitar and drums. The album was completed on June 22, featuring the introduction of the sitar played by George, and the tabla played by an outside musician, Anil Bhagwat.

August 5, 1966

     The Beatles "Revolver" album was released along with the single Eleanor Rigby and Yellow Submarine, both from the album. Yellow Submarine was Ringo's biggest hit single with the Beatles, a song specifically written for him by his partners. The recording started on May 26 during a session from 7:00 pm until 1:00 am. On June 1st, besides recording the sound effects, a special 31 second narrative for the beginning of the song was recorded using Ringo's voice with over dubs by George, Paul and John. The theme of the narration was the walk from Land's End to John O'Groats. The recording was never used.

August 12, 1966

     The Beatles began their final North American tour in Chicago. Their last concert was on the 29th at Candlestick Park in San Francisco.

October 31, 1966

     Stereo remixing of past hits continues until November 10th. The release of A Collection of Beatles Oldies, a "greatest-hits" compilation, is released in Great Britain on December 9th.

November 24, 1966

     The 1st recording session of Strawberry Fields Forever. Penny Lane is started on December 29th. The single of both songs is released on February 17, 1967. Later they are included as part of the Magical Mystery Tour album in the US. When I'm Sixty-Four is also recorded during the same time which is included with the Sgt. Pepper's Album.

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