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Ringo and The Beatles - 1965 "All you need is LOVE ... that is ALL you need."
February 15, 1965

     The first three songs,Ticket To Ride, Another Girl, and I Need You are recorded for the new film,yet untitled. Recording continues of several other songs until Friday, February 19th. Ticket To Ride and Yes It Is are released as a single on April 9th.

August 1965

     The new sound track from the movie "Help" is released. The film premiered at the Pavilion Theatre in London on July 29. Ringo sings Act Naturally, a cover of a popular country tune by Buck Owens. This replaces a song that was recorded in February, If You've Got Trouble, but was rejected and never released (later appears on the Anthology 2 collection). On the 15th, the Beatles perform before 56,000 fans at Shea Stadium in New York, the largest concert to date. They received $160,000 for their performance.

October 13, 1965

     The first song, Dive My Car is recorded for the new album. We Can Work It Out is recorded on October 20th with only two takes. Recording of the remaining songs continued through to November 11th.

December 3, 1965

     The double A-side single We Can Work It Out and Day Tripper was released along with the album "Rubber Soul". Ringo sings What Goes On, a song for which he receives credit as one of the writers with Lennon and McCartney.


Ringo marries Maureen -
February 11, 1965
Press Conference

L.A. Press Conference - 1965


Rubber Soul
Rubber Soul